Corporate financial services for science, space, security & information technology.

Fentiman Consultants Limited comprises an international team collaborating to provide commercial and strategic advisory services to companies and organisations to assist their efforts to increase effective delivery of corporate objectives.

We listen and learn before we advise. The aim is to help clients sustain a change in their trajectory.

We are currently associated with a wide range of firms and institutions, mainly connected with the technology, science, space and security sectors.

Ian Taylor (Chairman)



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mobile: +44 (0) 7860 327 416

Sarah Chilman (Executive Assistant)


mobile: +44 (0) 7887 952 640

Sarah has worked with Ian for many years - from 1997 until 2010 in the House of Commons as Research and Office Manager and since then as his Executive Assistant, supporting all the team's client relationships. 

Separately, Sarah is Deputy Secretary-General of The Digital Policy Alliance & Secretary to the Conservative Group for Europe.  She was Secretary to the Parliamentary Space Committee 2010-17.

Andy Wonnacott (non-executive director) 


+44 (0) 7715 419 649

Andy Wonnacott is an experienced finance director with a blend of commercial and financial skills across a variety of industry sectors. He has served on the boards of public and private companies. His focus is on sustainable business growth with margin enhancement, cash generation and cost controls.  In addition he has co-ordinated turnarounds, fund-raising and M&A.

Advisory Group:-

Jim Norton (Data Analytics, ‘Big Data’ and Cloud Computing)

 +44 (0) 780 106 7908
Jim is a visiting professor of electronic engineering at Sheffield University.  He is a Fellow of the UK Royal Academy of Engineering and Chair of the Academy’s Community of Practice in Digital Systems Engineering.  He is a past President of BCS, the UK Chartered Institute for IT and has 40 years of experience in the communications and computing industries.  Jim is also a Chartered Director and holds, or has held, board roles in the public, private and third sectors as well as chairing all the major board committees.  His key interests span the security, resilience and reliability of information systems as well as the governance of Data Analytics and targeted Artificial Intelligence.

John French II (Venture Capital)


John lives in New York.  He has been a venture capitalist for 50 years with an extensive portfolio of predominantly early stage US and international companies. During that period he was President of Research & Science Investors Inc and also had involvement with Chinese, Korean and European companies. He has been a director of OSI Pharmaceutical.  He is now Advisor to Brighton Biotech Inc. Kraken Robotics, Tangible Assets Group, Nuvo Assets & Atmos Digital Inc, to all of which FCL are also advisors.

Lavender Carole Taylor (Company Secretary)


Carole is responsible for corporate governance issues and administration.  She was one of Ian's Office team during his period in Parliament.  Carole recently passed the Access Course in Arts & Languages at the Open University. She has chaired the Residents' Association at The Academy

Tim Gocher (Asia ~ Development Capital)


Tim is a venture capital and urban development executive with a background in energy and technology. His MBA was from the London Business School.  After Deloitte and J.P. Morgan, he managed venture capital funds in the UK and is the co-founder of Academy IP in New York working with leading East Coast universities.  He is an Honorary Professor of Sustainable Business at the University of Nottingham.

Tim has a UK home but is also based in Kathmandu, Nepal, and has advised urban development schemes in several countries in Asia, including China.  His major focus is as Chairman of the Dolma Development Fund which he founded and which concentrates on sustainable business ventures in Nepal.  www.dolmafund.org

Dr Alex Orlov (Environmental & Material Technologies)


Alex is Professor in Materials Science and Engineering at the State University of New York, Stony Brook.  His major research and teaching focus is in development of novel materials for energy generation, structural applications, environmental nanotechnology and environmental protection. He was a Research Fellow at King's College Cambridge 2005-2008.  He has an involvement in several tech start-up ventures.

Alex has been a member of the UK Government's Hazardous Substances Advisory Committee at DEFRA http://www.ic.sunysb.edu/Faculty/aorlov/ 

Stephen Taylor (USA liaison)


Stephen was an executive director of Fentiman Consultants in the 1990s advising technology companies on business strategy and market development. His MBA was from the University of Surrey Business School. He then emigrated to the USA where he qualified as a US attorney at Marquette University Law School. As an attorney he represented businesses in complex litigation before federal and state trial and appellate courts.  He was also the Vice-Chair of the international commercial dispute resolution group for a global association of law firms. 

Stephen then took on an industry executive project, successfully heading strategic development & diversification for Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Co. Inc.  He now has a portfolio of business interests with emphasis on revenue growth and shareholder value from strategic leadership based on market intelligence and operational enhancement. He is associated with RockSteady Law and SGSPerformancePartnersLLC



Fentiman is associated with Parhelion-GCA, an independent technology management consultancy with particular interests in IoT/IoE/M2M and Clean-Tech Energy potential of alternative fuels.

Contact details:

112 rue Saint Georges, 24550 Villefranche du Périgord, France.

Main phone number: +44 7860 327 416  (Ian Taylor)

Main email: ian@fentimanconsultants.com